Small Business Action Committee

Small business fuels innovation, employment opportunities and economic expansion that benefit all Californians.

Small businesses comprise 90% of California's one-million strong business community and employ more than half of all Californians. California's small businesses, approximately one-third of which are minority owned, provide a vital opportunity for upward mobility.

There is a solution to the many problems faced by our businesses today. Free up businesses to do what they do best. If we lessen the burden on business, they will create more jobs and provide more revenues to help all the citizens of the state. Kosmont estimated that adding 173,000 jobs a year would bring $35 billion in new tax revenue to the state in ten years. But creating jobs means cutting costs and reducing unneeded regulations.

The Small Business Action Committee will continue to stand guard and fight for small business. With your help we will improve the lives of all Californians.

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